Sweet Treats for Locals

Love the magic that an in-person coaching session can offer?

In addition to all of my other programs, I also offer several varieties of fun & love just for locals in the area.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, send me a note and we can chat about possibilities.

Mini-Magic Coaching Date

Looking for coaching on a very specific topic and wanting to explore it in the comforts of Mother Nature or that familiar (and oh so deliciously smelling) coffee shop?

Play with one knot in your life asking to be un-tangled.

Consider a Mini-Magic Coaching Date.

A 45-minute session on a local, nearby trail, coffee shop or other awesome venue.

This session has no pre-work, no formal written follow up—it’s all in the coaching container of our 45 minutes together.

Coaching Parties

Let’s have fun together with a group of your closest friends! Think your own personalized workshop at your home or location of choice.

Parties can be an intimate place to build authentic community with those you love.

The entire experience can be customized with what you want—from the topic to the venue.

VIP Play Date

Looking to birth a new business idea into form? Or take your business in a new direction? What about that obstacle or fear that keeps surfacing every time you are ready to leap?

Want to play with all the possibilities of a next step in your life? And how to make them into a reality?

Curious how to get quiet and really access the inner soul GPS that wants to whisper magic into your ear?

A VIP experience is roughly a 4 hour-ish local excursion into the very heart of your soul and its expression in the very practical playground of the world around us.

We play with how the universe wants to co-create with you.

There are special surprises in this experience that include all the enchantment required to let the outside world go for awhile and get close and snuggle up to your life.

Such an experience may include a pampering treatment at a local space of relaxation, a meandering walk through Mother Nature to explore your own magic, a delicious and nurturing meal at a local restaurant and lots of idea generating, coaching and soul-map building to support you exactly where you are.
(Photo courtesy of Jen Snyder Photography).

Email me at stacey@staceyandon.com for more details and pricing.