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Welcome to my interweb home! This page is a guide pointing you toward all the deliciousness that is here to support you as you navigate a little, medium-sized or big mid-life awakenings (the thing that the world calls a ‘mid life crisis’).

I bet you’ve been asking yourself a bunch of questions lately. Questions you don’t readily have the answer for.

You’ve been asking other people what they think you should do (should I quit my job?). You’ve been reading books or taking online classes (things like how to have a better relationship– because should I get a divorce?). You’ve been buying yourself beautiful things and trips (will this make me happy?).

But so far, nothing has quite resolved the restlessness you still feel. You are in the right spot, my love-

I’ve got you.


Coaching (with me or anyone else) isn’t about the search for the ‘magic pill of happiness’ or the quick fix for things that aren’t working in your life anymore. Coaching is an inner journey of curiosity and intention that leads to the results we see and notice on the outside. 

Imagine your life 6 months from now– what would you love to have it look like? Maybe you know. Maybe you don’t — and that’s okay.

That’s where having the right guide, an expert in creating success can be the difference between your life now and 6 months’ from now. 

Experience immediate results with a stand-alone session. And if you are ready to quit feeling that slightly unsatisfied life feeling and challenging that thought that tells you “I should just be grateful for the life I do have“, then you are ready to begin a coaching relationship.  Set up a time for us to talk and say yes to taking control over what your life can truly be.  Check out my coaching offerings here.

Learn how to use your intuition to navigate a mid-life meltdown

Blog Posts for Your Soul

Are you living a life you LOVE?

You’ve probably read a lot of articles and books about how to live an awesome life. But sometimes just one post or question can change the entire way you want to live. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that share just how to go about creating a life you love using everything you already have within you (no special pills required).

Do you know how to befriend your fears?

Have you ever tried to soothe that anxious feeling you get? The one that flips your stomach around in knots or tightens up your shoulders. What if you could settle those anxious flare-ups and feel more at ease with what’s happening around you? The solution is to change your relationship with the things that scare you the most— and I’ve got a few ideas on how you can get started right now. 


Are you a woman entrepreneur whose business isn’t exactly how you want it to be? If so, you are in the right place. 

Discover MapMakers. An intimate group of women entrepreneurs who want to blend both practical business knowledge with their own unique style and knowing to create and nurture amazing soul-led, service-driven businesses. The mission of MapMakers is to support you in growing, sustaining and nurturing your business that you love — not one that someone else loves.

This group collaborates, challenges each other and brings the collective expertise together in ways that enhance not only our businesses, but our lives. Want to know more? Schedule a call to chat about MapMakers or come to a meeting for free and experience it firsthand.

Oracle Readings

Do you know that the Universe and your guides want to share information with you on the regular? Yes, they do. And they want to help you answer a question you’ve been pondering and navigate life’s bumpy parts that surface and make us question everything we thought we knew.

Think of these readings as connecting you directly to the Universe’s private text line. 

Purchase a virtual reading here or schedule an Unlock Your Magic session, to connect more powerfully to your guides and the messages meant for you in this moment. You don’t have to wait to get what you most need in this moment— invite your guides to share the messages meant for you right now. 

Each reading I offer is a customized blend of messages from your guides and the Universe channeled through me for you; the readings include oracle cards and other delicious surprises to help you integrate what is shared for you. 


Do you ever wish you could just get the Cliff notes of the best books to inspire what you already know within you? Instead of taking hours that you don’t necessarily have to get the juiciest tidbits from the latest voices.

Use my love of reading to cut right to the heart of what you want support with– the powerful books and messages that apply to your life. 

Get instant access to what I love and what I recommend, organized by category.

Not finding what you are looking for or want a personalized recommendation?

Set up a time to chat and I’ll share my ‘Cliff’s Notes’ and make recommendations customized for you.

Want to meet up in person? That will happen again! 

Are you looking for places to connect with other amazing women who are navigating similar experiences? You aren’t alone. Many of us want to explore and ask our mid-life questions in community. My live events are places where you can learn, connect and talk openly about all sorts of mid-life meltdown topics in safe, trusted spaces. Here are some of my in-person offerings for you.

  • I love to create special containers for my events — little surprises, delicious and delightful venues and offerings, all for you to show up and soak it all in. Check out my latest events right here and if you have any questions not answered on my Events page, please reach out anytime.
  • I also love to offer coaching in person (for those that can) because the energy of being in someone’s presence is always profound and moving. So, if you’d like to consider in-person coaching offerings—here are a few ways, we could meet up.
  • Wisdom Walks are one-on-one stand-alone coaching sessions on one of our nearby trails. Mother Nature is a powerful source of inspiration, clarity and support as you navigate a topic and get coached as we walk together and soak up our surroundings.
  • All of my intuitive coaching programs can be in person sessions. We can meet at a local coffee shop or other agreed-upon spot for coaching. Set up a time to chat about how.
  • Want to dive into a deeper experience of reflection and vision – for your life or business? Consider a VIP Play Date—which is a customized experience for you that includes coaching and lots of other pampering surprises to take you out of your everyday experiences in order to spur your creativity, your wisdom and create a soul-map forward for that beautiful vision you have for your life or business. Let’s set up a time to chat about what you’d like to experience as a gateway to your next creative vision.

Still not sure where to start?