Stacey’s Soul-Magic Signature Programs

This is for the magical being who . . .

  • wants to discover her soul’s self-love language
  • wants to walk in the world using all of her gifts, talents and brilliance, without compromise
  • wants to design an exceptional flow of self-love & care for her best well-being
  • wants to cultivate joy, connection & authenticity by empowering her own truths

And who wants a guide to be there as she navigates, explores and nurtures her soul journey.

The Soul-Magic Program explores all the ways you want to breathe love from your soul out into the world.

Some of the ways in which we play:

Be Your You
Who are you in this world after all the titles and roles are set aside? What is it that makes you unique and utterly fantastic? Sometimes we forget or we never asked ourselves. Snuggle up to your life and listen. What is it whispering to you? There’s a place deep inside of all of us that knows who their you is.

Befriend your fears
Get to know what lurks beneath your surface that may be holding you back. If you don’t know what’s under there, it could be sabotaging your best efforts to make changes and sustain them.

Break their rules
Our world has a lot of should in it. I should go to law school. I should get married and have 2.5 children before I’m 30. I should drink green smoothies every morning. Release the should they aren’t helping you get or stay in your truth.

Breathe the Beauty
Get cozy with the intoxication of a life explored, lived, seen, heard, tasted, felt. Jump off the sidelines and indulge in the pure happiness of life. What makes life worth living for you?

Beckon your desires
Daydream, night dream, late afternoon dream. What would you do if everything was on the table?

Blaze your now
Stop waiting for the perfect “if or when” to arrive and go out and make life happen. Each moment, each day, each year grants us the power to choose. Why wait on the perfect moment when right here, right now is already it?


Soul Magic Programs include:

  • 60 minute coaching sessions via phone or video conference (# of sessions varies by package)
  • Guided meditations created just for you
  • Follow up emails and check-ins that share intuitive insights and ideas for Practice & Play after and before sessions
  • Secret surprises in your inbox and mailbox that support your journey
  • Access to me during my business hours via email and messenger to ask questions & get support
  • Signature tools like the Circle of Magic that access the wisdom of your most amazing self
  • A customized Stacey’s Sweets – ideas and suggestions on how to invite more sweetness into your life
  • Long-distance Reiki blessings for support & healing
  • Your own Dropbox folder for all your goodies, easily found in one place

Soul Magic Offers


3, 6 and 12 month Coaching Package Options