What is it like to have me as one of your guides?

Stacey Andon is a sensitive, insightful, compassionate, and amazing Life Coach. She is the type of person that you are around for 5 minute sand she makes you feel better. She is the person you want guiding you on your life journey. Her welcoming, understanding, comforting, and non-judgmental style of coaching makes her the best around! She will give you the tools to navigate you on your journey.

She will help guide you to empower yourself and your relationships. Helping you open yourself up to your best life!! She has been called to do this and it truly shows in the way she shows up and cares for all her clients. I am forever grateful for her and highly recommend her. She is the very Best!!

Kelly Backert, Kore Bootcamps , www.korebootcamps.com

If you know Stacey (since you’re reading this, you probably don’t,) you know she’s different in the very best way a Life/Biz Coach could be different. You’re immediately taken in by her infectious smile and endless enthusiasm. Stacey is the real deal. Genuine and authentic. What you see is what you get……and it’s powerful.

Knowing and being coached by Stacey has impacted my life in a most profound way. I’m learning to let go, or at least confront, my self –doubt and all the baggage that comes along with it. I can now see my value more clearly. I’m able to think more abstractly vs. concretely. When Stacey presents challenges for me to grow, I’m excited about them. They are presented in a manner that doesn’t send me running out the door- LOL. Guess I’m saying, I can see the many possibilities out there and with Stacey’s help, I can summon the courage to chase them. Thank you for being such a POSITIVE FORCE in my life Stacey Andon. May the Shine be with you!

Wendy Wright, The Wright Fit , www.thewrightfit.net

Sitting with Stacey is sitting with your best friend who seems to know everything. My days feel so much happier and funnier because of Stacey and I feel so much calmer about life. You can talk to Stacey for 3 minutes or 3 hours and always walk away with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

Richard Wilmore, The Richard Wilmore Show , www.richardwilmore.com

Stacey Andon is what I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT….

I would have been the last person on the planet who thought I’d EVER work with a LIFE COACH. Are you kidding me!!!!! Not that I always know where I’m going, but I’m going to figure it out and make it happen-that’s what I do.

Then a dear sister friend introduced me to STACEY ANDON and MY WORLD CHANGED. The moment I met Stace I knew her energy was beautiful and unique…it was one of those moments I needed to find out what makes that light so bright.

I contacted Stacey for a consult, (I was only going to do one session, surely I didn’t need more than one and I’d be good to go). Stacey’s ability to unlock brilliance inside of me that I was not even aware existed has been LIFE CHANGING. That was in a one hour session…..I wanted more……

I can honestly say, Stacey introduced me to MY TRUE SELF….and I really like her!

Susan Letschin, The Wholelistic Navigator , www.susanletschin.com

I have worked with Stacey for some time now and is the best coaching experience I have ever had – by far. 

She is an incredible listener and hears things that are deeply true that I didn’t even know I was saying.  She challenges me in a way that is magical and yet, very powerful.  She is an intuitive and magnetic energetic force.

She invites me to explore, consider things from new perspectives and show up in my life in brave and beautiful ways. Her ability to hold space to allow for the rawness of true growth is a gift that I am so grateful for.

If you are seeking meaningful change, let Stacey be your guide.

Adrienne Enns , www.mayyouknowjoy.com

Stacey, you see love everywhere. You can look straight into the heart of a person and help them unlock quiet courage to ignite their dreams.

Ray DePaola , www.sunrisejourneys.com