Discover the Magic of Your Own Intuition

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

You are welcome in this space of belonging. 

Exactly as you are.

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Coach with Me

My love, have you been feeling stuck lately? The things that you used to make you happy or you thought that would don’t. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a new job, leaving a relationship or starting a new diet as a way to change things up– but you feel really uncertain about what to do next.

I’ve got just the program to help you get unstuck and learn how to make clear decisions.

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Stacey’s School of Intuitive Magic

Have you ever just known something? And then when it happened— you doubted your knowing. You asked ‘Did I just make that up‘?

You can be skeptical about the woo &  have a powerful intuition inside you. I want to teach you how to intentionally use it– to make powerful life decisions, create more calm and joy in your life, and to discover how much FUN life really can be.

Join My Community

Unlock Your Mid-Life Magic is a community of incredible beings who are smart, savvy and highly intuitive. Our community supports each other in navigating mid-life with ease and soul— as we develop and expand our intuitive gifts.

I love to share impromptu oracle card messages, videos to get you thinking about your life in new ways, & other delightful surprises that bring love to your daily living.



Hello! I’m Stacey.

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master who loves to work with smart, savvy women who woke up and realized they feel stuck, unhappy or confused about what to do next in their lives.  I’ve got an easy process to help you use these feelings as a guide to get unstuck and to act on those secret desires you still have for your life– the ones you are telling yourself “I’m too old, too late and I have no idea how to do it even if I could“.

How do I know? I’ve experienced these uncomfortable feelings too. When I was younger, I thought all the worldly success would make me forever happy, but after hustling through achievement after achievement, nothing ever felt like enough. So I went inward and towards the one part of myself that I wasn’t sure I trusted– my intuition. It was scary — especially thinking about how other people may judge me–but I knew something needed to change and it was me.

Now, I wake up feeling alive. I don’t worry about my life like I used to— I know how to trust the flow and use my intuitive gifts. I know how to really have fun as the way to get all that we desire. And all of this, I’m here to share with you.

PS. This is my fur love, Dr. Pepper and we love to go on long walks in the woods every chance we get.

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