Your desires matter; let's create them

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

Your intuition is the key ingredient to a life well-lived.
A life at the very edge of your truest potential.
The kind of life you can’t wait to wake up to!

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Create What You Desire

Did you wake up this morning and say “YES! I love each aspect of my day”? It’s okay if you didn’t. You aren’t broken and you don’t need fixing. Instead, get curious.

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Create Sacred Self-Care Practices

Learn how creating soul-level self-care practices are the first step to changing your life. Instead of a nice-to-have, discover how they are the secret hack to your productivity. Begin with a Self-Love Soul Kit.

Take Bold Action Using

a Channeled Oracle Reading 

Have you always wanted to know how to use the signs you see everyday to help you take bold action in your life? Now you can. Purchase an oracle reading & access both practical and souful wisdom to guide your business and your life.



Hello! I’m Stacey.

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach who loves to work with smart, savvy women who’ve found themselves in the beginning or middle of what we call a ‘mid-life crisis’. I am passionate about helping you use your restlessness as a guide to act on those secret desires you still have for your life– the ones you are telling yourself “I’m too old, too late and I have no idea how to do it even if I could”.  

How do I know? I’ve experienced this restlessness too. I thought all the wordly success would make me forever happy and one day I woke up and that just wasn’t true. It was scary — especially thinking about how other people would accept or judge the ‘new me’– this new me, that I really wasn’t even clear about at first. 

The best part of what I learned and experienced is– that it isn’t a secret or magic pill that only a few of us get to know. You can too — and it starts with you saying YES to YOU. 

Magical Musings from the Blog

The Story of Jack

The Story of Jack

Today, I want to share with you the story of Jack. So many people ask me--- who is Jack?  Years ago, I saw a medium. It happened in a very random (not random) way. He was here from the UK and I had been looking for someone to teach me about oracle readings. But...

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You Are the Miracle

You Are the Miracle

Not only can you create miracles (yes, totally true) YOU are the miracle Your gifts, talents and magic are meant to be shared in this world exactly as you are. There is no changing, fixing or upgrading you have to do first. Say yes to you and the next miracle you are...

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I See You

I See You

I see you. Your worry, your concern, your keep-going-don't-stop exhaustion. You are an emotional warrior right now.  Your family, your work, your pets, your home-- everyone is looking to you to be reassured, for entertainment, for meals and laundry and Zoom schedules....

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