The world needs your flavor of magic

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

Love and magic are key ingredients to a life well-lived.
A life at the very edge of our truest potential.
The kind of life where we wake up and say YES!!

Hello! I’m Stacey.

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach who loves to support clients in beautiful and often messy spaces of growth and transformation. I am passionate about helping you discover your own inner wisdom and transform your life from the inside out. As a certified Reiki master, I bring my intuitive gifts and healing energy to help you amplify your own energy and life force.

I moved from surviving into a whole new world of thriving.

And the best part, I LOVE my big, bold beautiful life and I want to help you live in the same fashion—whatever that means for you.

Magical Musings from the Blog

Get Curious about Your Holiday Habits

Get Curious about Your Holiday Habits

So I had to buy this candle because it reminded me of my life at the holidays--- roughly for 15 years of my adult life. I may not have eaten a whole pie (I like pie-- but that not much)-- but probably ate a whole something else-- like container of cookies or bottle of...

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When Somewhere Steals our Freedom

When Somewhere Steals our Freedom

As Alice Cooper's Schools Out for Summer jams in my ear, I wonder what did you do the first day of summer vacation as a child? Did it feel like instantaneous freedom?  For me, I can remember thinking "no alarm"!!!  I would stay up late nestled in my covers reading the...

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