Oracle Readings

For many years, I have been channeling messages from the Universe and the guides to beautiful souls who are looking for support and guidance on their life journey.

These readings are love letters to your soul, with insight and wisdom meant just for you.

Readings can include a blend of Oracle cards & channeled messages, journal prompts & special guided meditations to integrate all of the reading throughout the upcoming season or year.

You may purchase a virtual reading that comes delivered to your email inbox and can be used as part of your sacred practices or you may request a reading done in person or through video conferencing (email me directly to arrange).

2020 Spring Equinox Guide

The Universe has shared some special Spring messages as we embark in tender times and find our way forward. Find out all the things she wants to share with you in this special guide. 

2020 Oracle Guide

A 2020 letter from the Universe, guided meditation, and journal prompts to help you focus your intentions during 2020.

2020 Summer Oracle Reading

Summer is an invitation to open our hearts– feel the warmth of the summer sun and bring the energy of playfulness and adventure to our lives. What guidance would be helpful to know as Summer unfolds and wants to play with you? Get a customized reading– personal and powerful messages about your life, right now.

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