for smart, savvy women having

mid-life meltdowns

Hello Beloved

Your life looks pretty great from the outside … and yet, you’ve been feeling a bit unsatisfied by it all lately.

Like the outsides don’t quite match the insides.

You have done all the ‘right things’ and it looks good on social media, paper, to your family— but there’s a tired, restlessness afoot. Have you caught yourself asking “is this really as good as it gets?” or “I’ll work on that when….“.

You may have even tried “I shouldn’t complain– a lot of people have it worse than me“.

But what if that feeling– that nudge, that ache, that truth about how you honestly feel about your life —- is here to invite you home.

Home to that place where your intuition is the thing that is nudging you– calling you to the work you are most meant to be doing on the planet.

Lean in to restlessness– it’s got a message for you.

I know you’ve searched a lot of places looking for the someting better — books, degrees, relationships, expensive purchases — possibly even other coaches or spiritual practices.

Where is the something that makes you feel alive– like you won the life lottery?

Each attempt hasn’t quite worked out the way you thought it would and now you are feeling less confident that you will find it– “it’s too late for me” or “I should have figured it out by now“. 

I’m here to tell you that creating a life you love is not just for a few people– the special or the ones that find ‘the answer’.  

I’m here to confirm what you already know —deep within you-– that the magic answer you seek is actually been with you this entire lifetime.

You may have been getting messages or hints coming from within — but dismissed them thinking they weren’t real.

They are real and I want you to discover their power.

If you’re ready to……

Explore the powers of your intuition (and maybe your healing calling)

Reconnect with your real life’s purpose (the WOW one)

Experience passion and joy daily

Choose bravery over a life of bland-ery

Be seen and heard without trying to be something you’re not

Have ah-mazing relationships

Heal the wounds from your past

Then, you are ready to learn how to connect to your inner wisdom and use its power to live your life purpose and passion. 


and the permission
to seek those things

Get Curious about Your Mid-Life Itch

Learn how to listen and trust your intuition.  

Get the results you really want from a trusted expert. 

No more waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment– that moment is now. 

My Expertise brings you Results

Including 6 Key Steps:

Design Your Vision

Re-Align Your Truth

Expand Your Intuitive Gifts

Befriend Your Fears

Practice Radical Self-Acceptance & Love

Take Bold Action

The Coaching Experience:

  • A 6 month customized package; this is the VIP, all-in experience
  • Email support during regular business hours; get incredible support between sessions
  • Guided meditations and oracle card messages to open up your intuitive channels
  • Long distance Reiki to support your energetic shifts during the coaching process
  • Beautiful follow up emails after each coaching session that encourage integration
  • Additional ideas for independent work including practical practice and customized reading/multi-media recommendations
  • Lots of other delicious surprises to delight and support you
Transformational Life and Business Coach Stacey Andon

I help smart, savvy women like you explore and create from the mid-life “why am I really here?” questions 

“Stacey, you see love everywhere. You can look straight into the heart of a person and help them unlock quiet courage to ignite their dreams.”

-Ray DePaola

Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

  • A safe space for growth and transformation
  • Amplification of your own power
  • Guidance to help you access your inner wisdom to discern what’s next
  • Intuitive support that provides exactly the guidance you need in the moment
  • The ability to release the obstacles holding you back from your bravest, boldest life
  • Loving energy that will elevate and energize you
  • Tools and strategies from an expert that you’ll be able to use forever to create a life (and business) you LOVE
“Sitting with Stacey is sitting with your best friend who seems to know everything.”

-Richard Wilmore

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach who loves to support incredibly smart women like you —going through what the world calls ‘mid-life crises’. I teach you how to access what you already know so you can navigate the bumps with greater ease and clarity, as well as create something new and quite amazing from the ashes. 

Let’s chat about the truth — what you are feeling, what scary questions are surfacing and what no longer satisfies you like it used to.