My Story

Almost 10 years ago, my life came to a screeching halt.

It all started the morning of my 35th birthday. I woke up and thought to myself– what if this is my life 10 years from now?

I was weighed down by an extra 100+ lbs. on my body, estranged from my friends and family, teetering on personal financial ruin, grappling with health issues and no less — suffocating in a marriage that felt more like an anchor tying me to my misery than helping me climb my way out.

It seemed like for most of my adulthood up until that point, I was uncomfortable in the truths of my life, paralyzed by the choices I made when I was young.

I had seemingly traded my freedom, my spirit, my me . . . searching for unconditional love from someone else and lots of things-else.

I had never even given myself a chance to know me or to know how to honor the me that spoke from my soul. I was living from a place of fear and all up-in-my-head energy (the kind where you feel like your mind is constantly racing and it’s impossible to slow it down or quiet it).

On my birthday, I made a promise to myself— no more living on the peripheral of life.

No more living on the sidelines and watching my life pass by me.

No more staying small in the hopes that it would keep me safe. The fear of the unknown was no longer greater than the fear of staying in this life.

So, what did I do? I evicted myself from my own life.

I took the contents of my life and dumped it upside down, just like they were one of those fancy designer bags weighing 20+ lbs and shook the bag empty.

I poured all of my energy into the messy heap in front of me.

I asked heart-wrenching questions (and did a lot of crying).

I walked through the financial messiness, navigated a divorce and created well-being practices for me and my body.

I got comfortable being alone and lonely.

I discovered stillness. (It is possible to quiet the racing thoughts in your head.)

I challenged the shoulds, have-tos and defense mechanisms that I had unknowingly brought from childhood into my now. Things like numbing out with food when faced with uncomfortable feelings. Looking for the answers to what I wanted to do from someone else instead of myself. 

I broke rules— rules that no longer fit me. Rules that were governed by fear, not love. Rules like “you have to work 60+ hours to be successful” or “a diet is the only way to manage your body“.

I fell in love again. First and foremost, with my self. 

I discovered and leaned in to my life’s purpose.

I found my own very powerful voice.

I connected to my magical, intuitive gifts.

I left a job to follow my purpose, which included becoming a Master Coach, a Reiki Master, a Speaker, a Writer.

Ten years later, my life looks entirely different.

I live in a space that honors feeling all the feels — snuggling up to my fears and moving with them (instead of letting them keep me from my soul’s desires).

It’s scary and exhilarating all swirled together in a fantastic adventure.

I moved from surviving into a whole new world of thriving.

And the best part, I LOVE my big, bold beautiful life and I want to help you live in the same fashion—whatever that means for you.

If nothing else after reading this, ask yourself this . . . if you woke up 10 years’ from now living the exact same life, would you be saying to yourself “YES!!!!” or “NOOOOOOOO”?

I would love to hear the answer to that question.

Why wait to live your fabulous life?


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