Hello Beautiful Being! I’m glad you are here!

Woohoo! I am so excited and honored that you have come for a visit– welcome!

What brings you to this little corner on the web of love, magic and connection? I’d love to know- please send me a note and say hello. 

So you will discover (or maybe you already know) that  I gush a lot about love and magic— and it sounds really great and all, but seriously Stacey, “what exactly is it that you do?”

So here’s the thing….. love and magic are key ingredients to a life well-lived. A life at the very limit our truest potential. The kind of life where we wake up and say YES!!! (and this doesn’t mean we don’t have sad days-this means we are in love with all of our life).

Many of the people I work with, they love the idea of that- but they don’t believe they can actually follow their own self into a place of joy, freedom, peace and financial ‘success’.

We’ve been dipped into a pool of Kool-Aid that tells us to follow this ladder, that path, the shoulds, the have-tos, the supposed-tos in order to get the life we dream of.

Problem is— many of us discover that this path of someone else’s formula doesn’t quite sit all snuggly and good within our soul’s sense of what we are here to do.

So we do lots of things to try harder. To do better. To work more. To suck it up. To kill it, to slay it, to bite our tongue– is violence really the answer?

This is where love enters the room. Where she invites us to go inward- instead of outward. She gets honest with us- or we get honest with her.

We learn a new way of being— one that honors our truest path. And in order to do that– we have to be connected to ourselves. To be willing to listen. To take risks that others won’t understand. To say no to things. To love ourselves fiercely and reinvent the conversation we are having with ourselves in our heads. (It is also the space where magical things start happening on a very regular basis).

And oh my! How do we even go about this?

This is where I hang out– with my gifts and offerings. My offer to help you go inward and create from that energy space.

Are you ready for something like this? If you are, I’m all in.

Permission to poke around, have fun and check out the many free ways we can get to know each other.

Welcome to the neighborhood of practical magic. It is a privilege to play, laugh and inspire each other here.

With love,

P.S. The picture above is me & one of the loves of my life, Dr. Pepper (Dr. P for short). He and I go experiencing the magic of Mother Nature (often on this trail pictured above) almost every day of the year and we share our adventures on Facebook (check out my LoveTips).

P.P.S.:  If you are like me and had no idea how to take a first step, I’ve got you covered.  Come play with me on Social Media or sign up for a Soul-Full Discovery Chat.