The world needs your flavor of magic

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

Love and magic are key ingredients to a life well-lived.
A life at the very edge of our truest potential.
The kind of life where we wake up and say YES!!

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Unlock Your Magic with Soulful Coaching

Did you wake up this morning and say “YES! I love what I have in store for my day”? It’s okay if you didn’t. You aren’t broken and you don’t need fixing. Rather, you need a guide. Coaching can help you create a life and business you love.
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Wrap Yourself in the Comfort of Self-Love Right Now

As you navigate these unprecedented times, going inward for love & support can be a powerful access point. Learn how to create your own soothing rituals and access the wisdom of your guides through the deliciousness of a Self-Love Soul Kit.

Like a spa trip for your soul.

Get a love letter to your soul with an Oracle Reading

Have you always wanted to know what the Universe would whisper in your ear if she sent you your own message? Now you can. I channel love letters for you, from the Universe, through my personalized Oracle Readings.


Hello! I’m Stacey.

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach who loves to support clients in beautiful and often messy spaces of growth and transformation. I am passionate about helping you discover your own inner wisdom and transform your life from the inside out. As a certified Reiki master, I bring my intuitive gifts and healing energy to help you amplify your own energy and life force.

I moved from surviving into a whole new world of thriving.

And the best part, I LOVE my big, bold beautiful life and I want to help you live in the same fashion—whatever that means for you.

Magical Musings from the Blog

Is your mind keeping you from the truth?

Is your mind keeping you from the truth?

I want to share with you something. A little truth about my mind. She doesn't like to speak up. She likes to go along with things-- even when my gut/sixth sense tells me something isn't right. She learned that speaking up could sometimes lead to things out of her...

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What’s your freak flag?

What’s your freak flag?

Helloooooo Gorgeous!!!  Sometimes I wonder if you believe all those words I use to welcome you here--- Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing-- yup, you are all of those. But, I have a feeling you might not always agree-- or you may even find it difficult to receive that flow...

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