The world needs your flavor of magic

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

Love and magic are key ingredients to a life well-lived.
A life at the very edge of our truest potential.
The kind of life where we wake up and say YES!!

Many of the people I work with love that concept, but they don’t believe they can actually follow their own intution into a place of joy, freedom, peace, and financial success.

We’ve been dipped into a pool of Kool-Aid that tells us to follow this ladder, that path, the shoulds, the have-tos, and the supposed-tos in order to get to the life we dream of.

Many of us discover that this formulated path, someone else’s design, doesn’t quite sit so snuggly and good within our soul’s sense of what we are here to do.

This is where love enters the room.

She invites us to go inward, instead of out. She gets honest with us, or we get honest with her. We learn a new way of being, one that honors our truest path. In order to do that, we have to be connected to ourselves, and willing to listen. We have to take risks that others won’t understand, to say no to things. We learn to love ourselves fiercely and to reinvent the conversation we are having without ourselves in our heads.

I hang out here, with my gifts and offerings, to help you go inward and create energy from within.

And so how do we even go about getting started?

We make a choice. We decide that our patterns, our beliefs and our lives can be different than they are today. We are willing to ask questions, challenge our fears and be the heroines of our lives, not the victims. We say ‘yes’ to our life’s soul purpose (even if we aren’t sure yet exactly what that is yet) and we say yes to ourselves, our voices and our magnificent power we have within.

This ‘YES’ can begin a magical and messy life transformation (that is sooooo goood on the other side).

Here is the place where you want a guide.

Someone who’s been where you are. Someone who knows how scary it can feel taking the first step. Someone who has deep intuitive wisdom that is meant just for you (messages and energy along the way to support your journey–not someone else’s).

I am this being- an oracle of the Universe and an experienced coach who can offer you light, love and all sorts of deliciously practical support along the way.

I work 1:1 with clients in 3, 6 and 12 month coaching programs to create sacred, safe spaces where your journey can unfold, bloom and radiate with a trusted and intuitive guide.

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