Hello Beautiful Being! I’m glad you are here!

Woohoo! I am so excited and honored that you have come for a visit– welcome!

What brings you to this little corner on the web of love, magic and connection? I’d love to know- please send me a note and say hello. 

My whole life has been an interesting journey– one that has felt the deepest pain and also the most mind-blowing bliss. 

And I find myself here, now– in this moment. With you and life and the desire to spread more love across the planet.

If you don’t know me well, I’m a blend of all things delicious– intuitive and transformative coach, teacher who loves to break the rules, writer, singer of the soul’s songs and messages. 

So many of us have been navigating this world with a set of codes, values and beliefs that feel constricting — limiting our joy, our passion and our belief that we can be who we truly are (and be loved for it).

Let’s break a few of the world’s rules and expectations together.

Let’s let the raw, tender beauty of life’s flow open our hearts and minds in ways we never imagined.

Please look around and check out all the magic that is here and feel the love that I’m sending out just for you. It may sound a little hokey at first– but love is my first and foremost priority– especially where it starts, ourselves.

Welcome to the neighborhood of practical magic. 

It is a privilege to play, laugh and inspire each other here.

With love,

P.S. The picture above is me & one of the loves of my life, Dr. Pepper (Dr. P for short). He and I go experiencing the magic of Mother Nature (often on this trail pictured above) almost every day of the year and we share our adventures on Facebook (check out my LoveTips).

P.P.S.:  If you are like me and had no idea how to take a first step, I’ve got you covered.  Come play with me on Social Media or sign up for a Soul-Full Discovery Chat.