What is it like to have me as one of your guides?

Stacey Andon is a sensitive, insightful, compassionate, and amazing Life Coach. She is the type of person that you are around for 5 minute sand she makes you feel better. She is the person you want guiding you on your life journey. Her welcoming, understanding, comforting, and non-judgmental style of coaching makes her the best around! She will give you the tools to navigate you on your journey.

She will help guide you to empower yourself and your relationships. Helping you open yourself up to your best life!! She has been called to do this and it truly shows in the way she shows up and cares for all her clients. I am forever grateful for her and highly recommend her. She is the very Best!!

Kelly Backert, Kore Bootcamps , www.korebootcamps.com

If you know Stacey (since you’re reading this, you probably don’t,) you know she’s different in the very best way a Life/Biz Coach could be different. You’re immediately taken in by her infectious smile and endless enthusiasm. Stacey is the real deal. Genuine and authentic. What you see is what you get……and it’s powerful.

Knowing and being coached by Stacey has impacted my life in a most profound way. I’m learning to let go, or at least confront, my self –doubt and all the baggage that comes along with it. I can now see my value more clearly. I’m able to think more abstractly vs. concretely. When Stacey presents challenges for me to grow, I’m excited about them. They are presented in a manner that doesn’t send me running out the door- LOL. Guess I’m saying, I can see the many possibilities out there and with Stacey’s help, I can summon the courage to chase them. Thank you for being such a POSITIVE FORCE in my life Stacey Andon. May the Shine be with you!

Wendy Wright, The Wright Fit , www.thewrightfit.net

Sitting with Stacey is sitting with your best friend who seems to know everything. My days feel so much happier and funnier because of Stacey and I feel so much calmer about life. You can talk to Stacey for 3 minutes or 3 hours and always walk away with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

Richard Wilmore, The Richard Wilmore Show , www.richardwilmore.com

Stacey Andon is what I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT….

I would have been the last person on the planet who thought I’d EVER work with a LIFE COACH. Are you kidding me!!!!! Not that I always know where I’m going, but I’m going to figure it out and make it happen-that’s what I do.

Then a dear sister friend introduced me to STACEY ANDON and MY WORLD CHANGED. The moment I met Stace I knew her energy was beautiful and unique…it was one of those moments I needed to find out what makes that light so bright.

I contacted Stacey for a consult, (I was only going to do one session, surely I didn’t need more than one and I’d be good to go). Stacey’s ability to unlock brilliance inside of me that I was not even aware existed has been LIFE CHANGING. That was in a one hour session…..I wanted more……

I can honestly say, Stacey introduced me to MY TRUE SELF….and I really like her!

Susan Letschin, The Wholelistic Navigator , www.susanletschin.com

I have worked with Stacey for some time now and is the best coaching experience I have ever had – by far. 

She is an incredible listener and hears things that are deeply true that I didn’t even know I was saying.  She challenges me in a way that is magical and yet, very powerful.  She is an intuitive and magnetic energetic force.

She invites me to explore, consider things from new perspectives and show up in my life in brave and beautiful ways. Her ability to hold space to allow for the rawness of true growth is a gift that I am so grateful for.

If you are seeking meaningful change, let Stacey be your guide.

Adrienne Enns , www.mayyouknowjoy.com

Stacey, you see love everywhere. You can look straight into the heart of a person and help them unlock quiet courage to ignite their dreams.

Ray DePaola , www.sunrisejourneys.com

Stacey is Magical, Gorgeous and Divinely Feminine! 

If you’re a women on the edge of change and seek guidance to surrender to your souls mission, she has divine gifts to help unlock the studio of your soul to align with your heart desires and embrace your transformation.

Stacey provides a nuts and bolts approach to unmasking layers one has built over time as a strength barrier to brave the wilderness, she guides you on a journey of surrender and self acceptance as the Magic unfolds you find yourself dancing with it all in a form of spaciousness, to just BE and listen intuitively…..

She has a divine gift to help people re-frame and shift away from old paradigms that may have them stuck in fear, into choosing an Empowered life led by the awakened heart and the confidence to trust their intuition as a compass!

Unee Washington

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your personal or professional life; or you are contemplating taking the “leap of faith” to start your own business, you do not have to be alone!

Stacey Andon is an amazing coach and can guide you during YOUR journey.

She is a wonderful gentle soul who helps you see and think outside the box. She has the ability to help you understand the gifts you own and shows you how to use them. She is genuine, gentle and pleasure to know and work with.

I highly recommend Stacey Andon Coaching, Mapmakers, and Love is Everywhere. It is life changing! 


Stacey Andon’s coaching techniques will impact your life!  The difference she made in my life both personally and professionally is amazing.  Stacey radiates positive energy and it’s contagious. 

Not only does she simply make you feel good about yourself and your decisions, she is compassionate and empathetic and truly listens.  She’s intuitive and wise, and she brings out the inner beauty in all of us.  Her words are inspiring, her generosity heartfelt and her attitude positively refreshing. 

Lisa, Marketing Consultant

My first coaching session with Stacey came at a time in my life when I was a prisoner to negative thoughts and anxiety.  Having little success over the years with traditional therapy, my belief that coaching would be any different was skeptical at best.

A year and many wonderful sessions later, I no longer live my days in a pattern of anxiousness and negative thinking. 

When situations present themselves that were once a catalyst for these feelings now, I am able to recognize and re-frame these thoughts taking away their  power and eliminating  the exhausting emotional battle that was once a continuous cycle in my mind. Her natural ability to understand and ultimately re-frame my often tangled web of thinking was something that I had never experienced before.

Stacey’s coaching has empowered me with the tools and strategies to truly recognize and understand the thoughts and feelings that often held me captive preventing me from living in the present. 


Working with Stacey has been one of the best investments that I have ever made and I cannot imagine NOT working with her! 

The transformation in my life, my business and my being is far beyond what I expected and far beyond my wildest dreams at the time (I NOW understand that my possibilities are infinite and I really CAN be, do or have my greatest desires met with ease, grace and FLOW! What makes Stacey different from any coach I have ever seen or worked with, is her way of guiding you through your OWN limiting beliefs and blocks in such a powerful and gracious way. She calls you to question everything and turn the truth- that you have a flavor of magic that the world NEEDS and that you can access your power and alignment at any moment!

Working with Stacey I have seen my entire perception of what is possible for me shift entirely, I have EASILY attracted every goal that we have worked on, multiplied my business to five figure months without spending a DIME on marketing (and remained at this level or close every month thereafter), I have expanded my awareness of my OWN inner critic and the love that I have for her, and I have come to a place of greater peace.. all as a result of the practices that Stacey has taught me to embody. 

If you are considering working with Stacey, I hope that you do. Your life will transform gracefully AND magically, before your very eyes!! THANK YOU STACEY I have so much love and gratitude for you!!!!

Debb Cobb, www.debbcobb.com

Burned out and ready to do something purposeful, I quit my corporate accounting job mid-2018. I didn’t know what would be next, only that this change was essential to my being, like taking the next drink of water or the next breath of air. I needed help navigating my way, knowing deep work was necessary. Understanding past choices and inner programs was critical or I would likely wind up right back where I was.

Enter Stacey Andon, my life coach.

The universe had my back when I began working with Stacey about eight months ago. From day one, I knew she was completely present holding a beautiful safe container where I can always be honest and vulnerable about all the highs and lows of my life. Somewhere in all this retrospection and introspection lay the seeds to my future. Each session together, we talk about what is going well, what is challenging, how I am in alignment with my intentions and whatever else I might want to talk about it. Stacey has the special gift of actively listening. Giving her full, loving and nonjudgmental attention, she homes in on the “sticky” places that I can’t always perceive myself. She keeps it real.

But, here is what I consider Stacey’s secret sauce. Stacey has taught me to approach everything with CURIOSITY. Wow! What a profound change in perspective. Her coaching has given me room to understand so much more about myself without old self-limiting doubts and fears squelching my thoughts and dreams. And in that lighter space of curiosity, new opportunities and choices are growing. I am so excited and invigorated about the future!

I have much to be grateful for and Stacey is on my short list. I look forward to our sessions because I know we will have quality conversations, but that’s not all. She follows up with a session summary, nuggets of wisdom to mull, suggestions for reading and impromptu quotes or tidbits to stay in the sweet spot of loving life. Her Instagram and Facebook posts and videos help start my days in a mindful way.

A life coach is a gift you give yourself. You deserve the best. That’s Stacey Andon.

Kelly Hillburn

One of the greatest things I’ve appreciated from being a client of Stacey’s is the continual follow-up.  The text messages and emails asking how I’m doing and offering ideas for how to put me and my self-care first gave me permission, in a new way, to do exactly that. 

When the world can sometimes say put yourself last, Stacey has always inspired the opposite– because when you put yourself first, you become better able to be of service.

Another thing I appreciated was that after each session, Stacey provides a recap email of the discussion as well as strategies for tackling the ego when it shows up ready to take you out.

She reminds me to reward myself because every step, be it large or small, is worthy of celebration!

To Stacey, I will always be grateful; she has been instrumental in my self-development, self-love and awareness and so much more!!!