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Dream Navigation

For 10 years, I stood stuck in my life. I sat on my own sidelines and watched the life I imagined flutter past me through the experiences of others and the painful tears of regret. I thought to myself— I don’t deserve the happiness and joy that others have. It’s not for me. My choices have determined my fate forever. And woah—it really felt like a prison. And then on that 10th year later— on my birthday— I asked myself one question. “What if this is as good as it gets?” (from the movie by the same title). There was a little part of me that said “No!”. There’s more for you – your desires, your passions—your well-lived life are waiting for you. You no longer have to imprison yourself in the mediocre life that surrounds you. I longed for a life that I didn’t need a vacation from (although I’m all for traveling and exploring the world). And you know what? I went about leaving regret in a dark alley way of the past and walking toward the light and freedom of my dreams.

What is dream navigation?

♦ It starts with discovering or naming a dream(s) that we may have tucked inside of us.  Maybe we just feel a little itch and don’t know exactly what it is yet and that’s a perfect place to start.
♦ Learn tools to help tap in to your inner wisest guide that will lovingly steer you toward your best life
♦ Recognize what may be holding you back and how you can get your brave on even in the face of your fears

Want to get clear on your dreams and desires—right here, right now?

Do you have a secret desire or goal that you really really want to happen—

something you may never have whispered out loud yet?
something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do… one of these days?

The Dream Navigation Package:

♦ tailored coaching sessions via phone or face-to-face (see sample sessions below)
♦ Follow up email support between sessions
♦ Practice & Play assignments to help you integrate new ideas, insights and behaviors

Session 1:

Getting Clear on What Matters

This session explores the things in life that are working and those that are not— with the idea that you hold all the inner wisdom to guide your best life.  How closely does your current life reflect your desires? If everything was on the table—what would you do?

Session 2:

De-cluttering the Obstacles

This session explores what seems to be standing in your way of living your best life. We will identify resistance, fear or other obstacles that seem to be blocking your path and come up with ways to remove these roadblocks.

Session 3:

Creating Your Road Map

This session takes all of the learning and insight from the first two sessions and blends it into a path forward. What does the map look like for you to go from point A to point B without being sidetracked or defeated by “daily life”? We will design this together – it will be a blend of practical baby steps and small risks to redirect your course.

Dream Navigation is an act of self-care and love for you.

Additional sessions can be added and this topic can also be a stand-alone on-site workshop.

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