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Live. Life. Awake.
Ever drive to work or to the store and not remember how you got there (um, yes!)?
Does your life sometimes feel like that?
Find out how a single act of presence can drive you back into the moment and awaken your desires.
No more sleep walking – no more living life happy enough.

How do you know if life coaching is for you?

You are ready if . . .

• You are feeling stuck in a mediocre life and secretly desire access to the universe’s magic in order to live a life that is unapologetically yours.

• You are undergoing a big life change like a divorce or weight loss and feel unsure of how to disentangle yourself from your former life/self and step into your new self.

• You have a voice inside of you that is a constant critic and you want to change the inner channel.  Why?  Because there’s a voice in there that wants to lead instead.  The voice of love, compassion, and amazing-ness.

Coaching starts where you are and helps you uncover your best next steps.

My specialty is to help you fall in love with you again.  

Because life is sweeter with love.  


What to do next:

• Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call together.   We will spend about 30 minutes getting to know each other and exploring if coaching together is a good fit.

• After that session, we can talk about a program that fits you and your budget.  I do both individual sessions and package programs that I will share with you on our first call together.

• If you want more details first, send me a note and I can share my offerings with you in advance.

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